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Eco-Charcoal Zambia is a commercial venture started by BioCarbon Partners (BCP) at the end of 2012, as part of BCP’s activities in the area to support its Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project (LZRP) addressing deforestation threats in the area.

BCP is a Zambian-based forest carbon project development social enterprise. The mission of BCP is to reduce poverty and enhance conservation through forest carbon markets. BCP is the first organization to certify its REDD+ project in Africa to triple gold CCBA and VCS verified levels; the 2nd such project in the world.

BCP’s aim is to develop locally-appropriate models that deliver deforestation mitigation projects at scale in Africa (and in Zambia in particular), and to channel the benefits and gains of such projects back into local economies and communities. We are truly on-the-ground, locally based REDD+ project implementers committed to investing in and enabling local people to manage and effectively benefit from their forest resources.

As part of its activities to mitigate deforestation in the area, BCP has develop a number of community interventions, with Eco Charcoal being its flagship community program. Other activities on the ground include honey production, conservation farming, village poultry production, as well as support to a number of educational and health facilities in the project zone. Please visit www.biocarbonpartners.com for more information.

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